Sunday, October 18, 2009

Introducing Amrita Waterfalls...

Hello, Beautiful!

My name is Cassendre Xavier and I'm an award-winning multi-media artist and community arts leader who sometimes uses pseudonyms to express various parts of my self and my art/work.
Cassendre Xavier is my legal, birth, writing, and performance name. You will find this name on my musical recordings and all of my published writing.
Amethyste Rah is my self-assigned spiritual name, which I use when recording guided meditation albums.
Amrita Waterfalls is a name I use when writing about sexuality. The word "amrita" is Sanskrit for nectar or ambrosia, and is used among those who study and practice female ejaculation to describe that fluid.
I created this persona initially for online personals (during the screening stage), and then I became more involved in promoting the sexual freedom I practice.
For years, I have admired the work of sex-positive artists & activists Betty Dodson, Annie Sprinkle, Nina Hartley, Barbara Carrellas, Tee Corinne, and more recently those of a younger generation including Tristan Taormino and Carlin Ross.
I started the first Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross group on Facebook and, with their permission and blessing, I write a double-newsletter about sexuality called Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure, which is available through that group.

If you are interested in making your sex life the best it can be, feel free to join the group or email me for more information about my work.
I will soon be releasing chapbooks and other published works of erotica and sex-positive nonfiction.

Hugs and orgasms,

Cassendre Xavier (writing as Amrita Waterfalls)
renaissance negresse

Founder & Executive Director of Philadelphia's Annual Black Women's Arts Festival