Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure Newsletter

Hello, Beautiful!

Welcome to another edition of the Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure double newsletter – available only through the official Betty Dodson/Carlin Ross Facebook Group, created and moderated by myself with the blessing and supervision of Carlin Ross.
It’s a warm and sunny day here in Philadelphia, PA, USA, and I have missed about a week’s work at my office because of our public transportation strike.
Rather than wait until I can write “perfect newsletter”, I thought I’d just check in with a short and sweet reminder that I’m here, I know you’re here, and I’m thinking of you all!
The Dodson & Ross website ( is chock full of sweet country goodness, if you haven’t already checked it out. One of my faves is Eric Amaranth’s blog of his uber exciting sexcapades. Check it out!
I am so thrilled to report that the Dodson & Ross Facebook group ( is now at 216 members and is still growing at a quick pace. Most members are women, it seems, and I’m happy to see that many people are starting to be interested in exploring their sexuality in new ways.

I’d like to share some websites and food for thought with you, some of which are inspired by Dodson & Ross Facebook Group members:
Beautiful Agony This is a website featuring a forum on self-pleasuring – people talking about masturbation and its impact on their lives, as well as sharing video footage of themselves in moments of self-induced ecstasy. I discovered Beautiful Agony through D & R FB Group member Barbara Carrellas, who had it featured on her MySpace page some time ago. Barbara is a multi-media performing and publishing artist whose work often deals with sexual freedom. Her latest book is Urban Tantra and she does a lot of workshops in the New York area, though she also travels. Visit Barbara at

X Hamster I was introduced to this website by D & R FB Group member Jorge Acevedo, who is based in Portugal. Completely free of charge and pop-ups, this is a site which features current and vintage erotic videos from around the world – professionally produced as well as amateur. Virtually any fantasy you have that involves consenting adults can be found here. Having been reared in this Puritanical country by strict Christian parents from the homophobic West Indies, it is challenging at times for me to let go of preconceived notions and try to enjoy what I enjoy and not have any guilt or shame about it. X Hamster gives me an opportunity to do that work, as well as decided for myself what I find acceptable and also what my spiritual values are. How about you? Do you have any original ideas about what’s acceptable or not? Is masturbation acceptable? Interracial sex? Homosexual sex? Multiple partners? Incest among consenting adults where no childbirth is a possibility? Water sports? What’s okay and what’s not okay, and why?
One of the interesting features on X Hamster is the comments field. One can be looking at a 300 lb.“squirter”, have all kinds of anti-fat thoughts and then read the comments from many who find the “BBW” (big, beautiful woman) completely hot and sexy.
Or, a sobering moment when a husband posts that his wife, featured in many videos they did with other lovers, died, weighing 70lbs, of AIDS. Were those moments of pleasure worth it? Just things to think about…
Did you know there’s a whole moment to end circumcision? Thanks to Joel Smart (D & R FB Group member) who sent in this:
“No medical organization recommends infant circumcision on medical grounds. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the "potential" medical benefits do not outweigh the risks of the surgery itself. What the AAP doesn't mention is that beyond those risks is all the necessary losses that accompany each and every circumcision. For example, the foreskin contains thousands upon thousands of highly specialized fine-touch nerve endings (like those found in the fingertips and lips). In fact the foreskin contains almost ALL of the fine-touch nerve endings of the entire penis, so it actually provides a man with unique sensations that are irreplaceable. The foreskin also protects the head of the penis, not just from abrasion, but from drying out, and from extreme heat or cold. It also protects the urethral opening from scarring (1 in 10 circumcised men develop this, but unheard of in men who are intact) and from foreign particles such as when swimming in a dirty lake or pool - which even partly explains the phenomenon of a penis shrinking when in cold water, to allow the foreskin to protect the urethral opening even further in a situation where it becomes very vulnerable. The mobility of the foreskin improves sexual function. These reasons constitute the main reasons why I feel the foreskin counts as valuable tissue.

Circumcision is also highly painful.. and seemingly teaches children from a young age to associate the genitals with pain. A wound healing in a dirty diaper also seems very painful to me. It is also permanent, meaning that if a child grows up and feels circumcision is not right for him, there is no way to get that part of his penis back again. I do not believe parents have the right to remove any healthy, valuable tissue from their children. Parents have many rights and obligations, but it does not make sense for this to be an issue parents can choose for their children - not when most of the world gets by perfectly fine without having it done. If you can teach a girl to clean her vulva (which also accumulates smegma) you can teach a boy to as well. Men ARE capable of practicing basic hygiene - especially when it consists of playing with your genitals in the shower.” -Joel Smart
Joel had initially sent in an event related to this, which was dated October 21 and based in Philadelphia. That date has passed, but you can contact Joel through the group if you’d like more info.

Well, it’s time for me to go now, but I feel I must say more about Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross, since this group was created for them.
If you haven’t already, check out their websites erotic art gallery. The site also has discussion forums and lots of products to improve your surely already fabulous sex life!
I hope you’re feeling great, and remember, confidence is the most attractive sexual attribute.

Enjoy your week and I’ll write again soon!

Cassendre Xavier (writing as Amrita Waterfalls)
renaissance negresse

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