Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure 1/19/10

Dear Beautiful!

Welcome to another edition of the double newsletter Dodson & Ross (sex educator/artist/activists Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross) and With Pleasure (artist/activist Cassendre Xavier writing as Amrita Waterfalls).

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I hope this newsletter finds you doing well!

In the Dodson & Ross news:
Lots of exciting new video and written blogs posted by Betty, Carlin, and Eric Amaranth!

Here’s just a sample:

(Posted by Betty & Carlin): Vibrators with Partner Sex http://dodsonandross.com/blogs/betty-and-carlin/2010/01/vibrators-partner-sex

(Posted by Eric): My Favorite MFM/Threesome Sex Positions & Different Orgasms http://dodsonandross.com/blogs/eric-amaranth/2010/01/my-favorite-mfmthreesome-sex-positions-different-orgasms

There are six featured products on the website:

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5) Betty’s Vaginal Barbell http://dodsonandross.com/product/bettys-vaginal-barbell-vb30
6) Mystic Wand – Betty’s New Favorite Vibe http://dodsonandross.com/product/mystic-wand-bettys-new-favorite-vibe-myst1
Remember that buying some of your sex toys and lubes from Betty & Carlin really helps them continue their important work!
Don’t forget to visit the exciting Community Forums and Genital Art Gallery. You’ll always find something new and interesting to learn, or perhaps you can share your own with others.

And welcome new blogger Dr. Susana Mayer. Susana is a prominent Philadelphia-based clinical sexologist and founder & host (or as she says “salonniere & muse”) of that city’s popular, well-loved event the Erotic Literary Salon. Visit www.susanamayer.com or www.theeroticsalon.com.

Here are a recent blog by Susana from DodsonAndRoss.com:
How to Deal with a Limp Dick http://dodsonandross.com/blogs/susana-mayer-phd/2009/12/how-deal-limp-dick

There’s always more going on at www.dodsonandross.com, and if you haven’t already befriended Carlin on Facebook, her link is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000272765672&ref=ts.

And now onto the 2nd half of the newsletter….

With Pleasure!

Well, not to start on a downer, but some of you may or may not know that I’m first generation American born of Haitian & Chinese descent. Unless you live in a very, very sexy cave :-), you know that Haiti recently withstood a 7 point earthquake and at least 100,000 people have died. This is the first earthquake the country has had in over 200 years, and according to scientists, there’s more to come in the earthquake department.
Why am I mentioning this in a newsletter that’s focusing on sexual pleasure, health, freedom, and expression? Because my work is about the joy and pleasure of life, and at no time has it become more important to me to celebrate my life and every aspect of it than now.
My immediate family and I have 3 relatives in Haiti who we know have lost their lives. I’m also aware there are likely to be many more we don’t know about and that even if we are the luckiest people in the world, I still feel compassion for the over 3,000,000 who have been affected and for every Haitian in the diaspora.
I have always celebrated life and tried to make my work as inspiring as possible.
Tonight I am featuring my music and writing at Susana’s famed Erotic Literary Salon. Susana is donating a portion of the ticket sales, and I am donating 10% of my product sales to the American Red Cross’s Haiti relief efforts.
Weeks ago, I had planned to release my latest book Erotica: a Liberation [Explicit], (Writing, photographs, & drawings by Cassendre Xavier writing as AmritaWaterfalls), but between the stress of the earthquake, the need to be with my family, and the fact that I’m moving next week, I decided to postpone the book release.
If you’re not able to make it to the salon tonight, I do work the door and so you can find me there every 3rd Tuesday, when it happens!
You can find out more about all this, and details about my Erotic Literary Salon feature tonight, at my website www.cassEndrExavier.com.
I urge and invite you all to really breathe in life every single moment, dig into pleasure and fight for your right to have it your way, baby.
Thanks for letting me take up some space in your life and day today. Make it good for yourself :-)

Love and light,
Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls)
renaissance negresse

Founder & Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003) http://BWAFphilly.org.