Monday, February 20, 2012

With Pleasure – Amrita Waterfalls MuseletterWith Pleasure – Amrita Waterfalls Museletter

With Pleasure – Amrita Waterfalls Museletter
Monday, February 20, 2012

My name is Cassendre Xavier, and I’m a multi-media artist – musician, multi-genre author, actress, and visual artist. I’m also a community cultural arts advocate, founder and director of several Philadelphia based events. I work under the names Cassendre Xavier (music and writing), Amethyste Rah (spiritual – I’ve recorded spoken word guided meditation healing albums under this name) and Amrita Waterfalls (sexuality). "Amrita" is Sanskrit for nectar or ambrosia. It is a term commonly used among Tantric and Taoist as well as other advanced sexual practitioners. Many of you in the know what this term means. For those of you who do not, there is Google :-) You can learn more about my other work at

What Would You Do If... You have had at least 3 erotic dreams & several recurring erotic thoughts or fantasies about one of your Facebook friends? Woud/do you A) Text or privately message them something light, friendly, non-sexual B) Text or privately msg a flirty note but don't mention the dreams or fantasies C) Text or privately msg them that you've been having erotic dreams & fantasies about them & ask for & await their response D) Text or privately msg them that you've been having erotic dreams & fantasies about them & invite them to meet you in persun to explore these further E) None of those, or: Another option? Discuss! (Comments requested & encouraged here or at If you don't see the Oh, and by the way, yes, this is a new opportunity of mine & so far my answer is C if I act from fear, and D if I act from love ;-)
Yes, triclosan is best avoided for the most part, and anti-bacterial hand-&-body soaps are creating problems from hormonal imbalances in our bodies to resistant super-viruses in our environment. Yes, frequent washing with plain soap & using salt as our anti-bacterial/anti-microbial are enough to keep us all safe & healthy. But, as Goddess-is-my-witness, there is one triclosan product and one triclosan product alone that I have stood by for years: "Total" toothpaste. It is, and it continues to be, the only thing that makes "morning-after" kissing not only possible without first tooth brushing, but actually pleasant! Highly effective and recommended. However, I'd be curious to see if baking soda & hydrogen peroxide have a similar effect. Has anyone of you sexypeople tried that overnight? Discuss!

From 1:41pm-1:58pm I had a great phone meeting with a musical theater director to begin preparations to audition for my first operatic singing and acting stage role ever, y'all! It is an "aria" (whatever *that* is!? :-) in Italian. It's a soprano role, which adds to the challenge, because when I was a member of Anna Crusis Women's Choir, the nation's oldest feminist chorus, I was an Alto 1. (My mom sings in soprano in her church choir, but her singing voice is much higher and shriller than mine.) O the dilemma! "Allora. Cosa facciamo?" -that's the only Italian I know (outside of "thank you"), that I learned from a genuine Italian-from-actual-Italy-with-the-sexy-ass-accent Dominant man I briefly dated. It means, "So. What shall we do?" We shall study and prepare to audition! We shall stretch the boundaries of our flexible vocal range and belt it out high and strong! We shall do the very best we can, have an absolute blast, and totally release the outcome! And we shall celebrate the results no matter what!

The fact that I asked for "a good connection with myself and others" and was sent not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 potential lovers who each are good to me and good for me, and whose relationships with me are each of varying degrees of intimacy and availability as suits us all means the universe is *not* stingy! And it can respond very quickly sometimes. It has the ability, the resources, the willingness, and even the most sincere desire to provide what we never even imagined! I am grateful you are all part of this experience and on the journey with me. Thank you, and may we all continue to practice and prosper together! Question & Invitation for Community Dialogue: What is/are some example(s) of your having asked God/Goddess/Spirit/the angels/the universe or even another humyn, being, for something, and you received much more than you asked for? Comments sincerely requested, and remember, what we focus on grows, and gratitude is both a powerful attractor and a sacred, essential spiritual practice. If the only prayer the entire world ever said was, "Thank You," it would be enough. Please join us, and if you choose to do so privately, that is also welcome and useful!

#1Luv: Sure, I'm spooning my pillow, but I'm thinking of you. X. CX: Ok, but pillow is poly, not perfectly secure all the time, but focuses on being enough for itself, while often seeking sources of support (like articles on jealousy @ and poly workshops) to manage challenging emotions.Poly pillow likes to feel you spooning with it, and while it knows you spoon others, it appreciates your being in the moment with, and focusing only on poly pillow while you are in those moments. I have been up for a while, writing. Early bird morning persun says sweet dreams, and that it feels good 2 know ur thinking of me. kisses ~c. #1: You don't know my pillow! CX: Ur are perfectly adorable! Too much :-) Thanks 4 helping me lighten up. Sometimes a jealous, monogamous pillow is just a pillow! X

Reply to a lover's sweet text (no, not that lover. Not that one, not that one, either. That one. Yeah. :-) "Breathing in the sweet scent of your beard, which you thrilled me by saying you regularly condition, I thought, with a sincerely appreciative smile, 'Oh, this man loves & adores women!' I dug the way you kissed me, very gently, yet using your teeth, very passionate. So sweet the half hour of tenderness you shared with me early Sunday AM, holding andstroking me and my face as if trying to take some of my essence to keep with you and remember until we meet again. In choosing one word for how I feel with you and how I think of our times together, it is warm." ~Amrita Waterfalls (The Sexy Side of Cassendre Xavier) positive print &ebooks coming soon! Other CX books, including All Ebooks Name Your Price! sale available at )
"Thesaurus Time! Words that mean the same thing, sorta!" Darling (n.): lover, sweetheart, dear one, beloved, dear heart, heart's desire, dearest, pet, angel, love, sweetie-pie, sugar, honey, precious, sweetie, hon, light of my life, baby, one and only, babycakes, hunny-bunny, bunny rabit, puppy, schnookums, silly, badboy, pretty, grizzled, world-class lesbian hugger, rustic man, cabin boy, you. "Thesaurus Time!"

More terms of endearment: muffin, good boy, ruffian, wild one, Boss, Daddy, Sir Master Sir, tiny little baby, big guy, big boy, good stuff, nasty, cutiepie, so adorable, non-talker, action man, magic, bear, slave, trouble, big girl, handsome, dumpling, sweetness, beautiful, mine.

That "Terms of Endearment" post brought back such pleasant memories! For instance, Sir Master Sir called me slave trouble. Sir Master Sir was the first Dom to give me domestic orders, which was so exciting I soon got a special piercing to commemorate the moment. Sir Master Sir also was the first, and thusfar the only, to collar me, and made me wait, beg, wait, and beg for some 5 weeks or 5 dates before I was kissed. And when Sir Master Sir kissed me, I was in special clothing and, um, "restraints" that were either genuine antiques or otherwise selected &newly purchased for me. And *then* [Sir Master Sir] kissed me. Oh, yeah. There will, and must be a book ;-) ~Amrita Waterfalls (The Sexy Side of Cassendre Xavier)

I recently posted, re: my potential new boyfriend (PNBF) that "God must've known I really needed total mutual attraction, tenderness &affection from a peer who wants to relate the way I do." After reading that, I realized all 3 of my new relationships fit that description. (Yesterday, I mentioned 4, but #4 is developing more slowly than can be called a relationship!) They are all about 10 yrs more mature than I am (I guess that makes them, oh, about 36? :-), they all are spiritually, emotionally &physically compatible with &attracted to me. We all are interested or active in the creative/fine &healing arts, personal growth and/or recovery. We are all adventurers in one way or another (for instance, my PNBF is a multi-lingual world traveler, chef & writer- a Gemini, which is highly compatible with my Aquarius. OMGoddess, I met, like, FOUR Gemini writers! Incidentally, 2 of my ex-boyfriends are Gemini writers, all 3 of my longest relationships were with writers, and where was I? Oh yeah... :-) The universe is so wonderfully vast & abundant that it didn't send just one wonderful new love interest that had what was good for me, it sent several. AND it taught me that I have absolutely no business trying to date only one persun at a time. That's like suppressing all my great &juicy creative energy that was a gift from God to begin with. My Essence in all its spiritual, mental, emotional, creative/artistic & physical forms, must be expressed &expelled often & shamelessly celebrated & promotified! As the sayinggoes, "Never put a period where God has placed a comma,"-Various. Bring it on. Now that I know more of who I am & how the game works, I'm ready to play ;-)

Not every girl can climb the pole, know what I'm sayin'? -from Mickey Rourke's award acceptance speech for his role in "The Wrestler." He was referring to his co-star Marisa Tomei's command of both acting and stripping, as her role required. (Again, this is why I'm merely a hobby actress :-)

"Are you a swinger?" I asked, as we talked in his hotel room. We were fully dressed, expressing limits, fears, desires. He had just taken his vitamins, and his shirt off, heading to the bedroom. I'd asked him to put it back on so we could talk first. "Absolutely not," he responded firmly, in answer to myquestion, continuing, "I've always kind of thought of swinging as sports f_cking. And I'm not into sports f_cking." I agreed, and felt so relieved and happy to have yet more common ground and chemistry with this persun who seemed to be as interested in and taken with me as I was in and with him. We proceeded to the bedroom for our first massage. Though we spent 2 days & 1 night together, attended workshops, Snuggle Party, business/leadership meeting, dida TV interview, made love, drove, dined, and slept together, 5 days into our loverly new relationship, I now look forward to our first real, official date. Ain't love grand?

My desire... My desire is to connect with Cassendre. -what my potential new boyfriend (PNBF) said to my PNGF as they interacted physically at the SnuggleParty. I was too busy in the middle of a highly aroused &affectionate manwich to notice much of what was happening beyond us, but it made &still makes me smile &feel good to know that throughout all the other happenings, all the folks we knew, met, and interacted with, thru all the stimulating workshops,media &opportunities to connect with many interesting &dynamic people, it was always I who was his priority and first choice. I who he wanted to spend the night &time alone with. I who he wanted to attend the Snuggle Party with. I who he wanted to drive to my next destination, alone, carrying my bags &opening &closing doors for me. And altho I had other similar offers (including invitations to hang out in various ways, and a ride from the 2nd guy I started a relationship with who wanted more time with me) it was he who had my attention from the beginning, and he who held my attention til my departure. Wewere bonding emotionally &I was very surprised,as I wasn't expecting or trying to make things happen. I was trying to make the most of my time there, for myself, alone. I was making myself happy &trying to be as helpful as I could at the Poly Living Conference Everything else was extra. (Tho in my heart I secretly wished for &said to the universe that I was ready for a major &really good, strong connection. :-) Again, God must've known I really needed total mutual attraction, tenderness &affection from a peer who wants to relate the way I do. I'm taking it one day at a time, trying not to expect too much too soon, but so far, I'll tell you, almost every moment has been bliss. And for every one of these moments, I am truly grateful.

© Copyright 2012 Amrita Waterfalls aka Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

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