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Amrita Waterfalls – With Pleasure Museletter

With Pleasure, a museletter by Amrita Waterfalls, the Sexy Side of Cassendre Xavier Monday, September 03, 2012 1) WHO IS AMRITA WATERFALLS? 2) UPCOMING APPEARANCES 3) SEXUAL INSPIRATION 4) FOOD FOR THOUGHT & SEX 5) WHAT I BELIEVE 1) WHO IS AMRITA WATERFALLS? Hi, there. My name is Cassendre Xavier and I’m a black female multi-media artist. I’m mostly a performing and recording singer-songwriter guitarist, multi-genre publishing author and avid YouTube poster who is addicted to getting groups together to do things that are fun, creative, and healing. That can be anything from support groups to festivals. I guess I’m a typical Aquarian in that way! I’m basically a very creative persun who happens to use art as healing, both for me and for others. I am trying to incorporate all aspects of my being into my work. I’m a woman of color, I’ve identified as bi, kinky, and poly (polyamorous/non-monogamous) since the early 1990s. I am an incest survivor and also have dealt with issues of depression, bipolar, and food addiction. All these things inform my work as an artist, and I choose to share my experiences in creative ways as medicine for my soul and healing body, to increase the joy in my life, and to hopefully inspire other creative folks to either do the same or at the very least feel better and be helped by my work. Throughout my years of work I’ve done several things to help me on my path of healing as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse – I created peer support groups and included my experience in my songs, recordings, multi-genre writings and theatre work. I am also a raw vegan and ordained interfaith minister. (You know…the usual!) Along the way, I’ve always been a deeply spiritual persun, although I rarely embraced a particular faith. For the past several years, I’ve been on a path of embracing all of me and teaching myself to be self-expressed in ways I’ve been too shy or burdened by shame or guilt to do so. I believe sexuality is an essential aspect of our being, and deserves the same amount of attention we give to our daily responsibilities in life, such as eating, honoring our loved ones in relationship, exercise, and so forth. A big part of the reason I am now putting my sexuality “out there” and talking about it is I grew up being shamed in various ways. If it wasn’t the sexual abuse I endured from childhood to young adulthood, it was the fundamentalist Christian pummeling my soul received, also from childhood. (I now believe that putting children through classes with endless descriptions of what hell is actually like must be some form of torture or child abuse.) I want to teach the world to love their bodies, love sex, and know that it’s okay. You will not burn in hell. God isn’t looking at you and your genitals to shame you. Anything that feels bad, is. Leave it alone. That’s what I’m here to teach, because that’s what’s helped me. Every time I sit to type, I’m asking for the courage to continue, and I’m releasing the shame and fear of other’s disapproving thoughts to do so. Still, I persist with the hope, faith, desire, and intention of reaching like-minded folks and especially the folks who needed to hear this message. If I reach a small number of those who appreciate my message, I can much more easily accept the rest. I’ve looked to teachers such as Betty Dodson and Barbara Carrellas to assist me with the development of my healthy sexual self as other teachers such as Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain have assisted my spiritual development. In an effort to promote healthy and holistic sexuality with the resources I have, I created the first and only group and fan page on Facebook for Betty Dodson, the feminist artist, sex educator and “mother of masturbation.” I’ve written a few museletters by Amrita Waterfalls (the sexual side of my writing/Self), and although I’m not sure what exactly is next for me insofar as my writing about sex/my sex life/my sex lessons goes, I do know that following your heart always makes things better, easier, and paves away for the answers to our questions. I hope my work as Amrita Waterfalls helps you on your path to an improved sex life and self-image as a vibrant, sexual and spiritual being having a humyn experience that is uniquely yours. 2) UPCOMING APPEARANCES Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 10pm - No Cover - 21+ w/ID Guest artist at The Magic Hour hosted by John Francis Fergie's Pub 1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 928-8118 ============================= Monday, Sept 24, 2012 6pm Guest on the Blog Talk Radio show "It's All About You" Hosted by Darien K. Marshall and Darius L. Jones. I'll be talking about "Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 13" from the concepts of sin and hell (or lack thereof) to the importance of guilt-release and the radical acceptance of one's entire being, including sexuality, spirituality, and things we don't like about ourselves (the shadow, etc.). ============================= Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 10pm - No Cover - 21+ w/ID Featured artist at The Magic Hour hosted by John Francis Fergie's Pub 1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 928-8118 ============================= Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 9pm No Cover Cassendre Xavier with special guest Patty Keough from Boston, MA Tea Lounge 837 Union Street Brooklyn, NY (718) 789-2762 3) SEXUAL INSPIRATION Betty Dodson is Entering Her 84th Year For more videos of Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross, visit For their official website, visit Barbara Carrellas’s new book “Ecstasy is Necessary” is out. You can read about it, and Barbara’s other products and workshops at 4) FOOD FOR THOUGHT & SEX Guys, quit eating meat. Or at least not so much of it. And, please, add plants to your meals! Green leaves, fresh, raw! There is a direct correlation between high cholesterol (which comes from animal protein), and ED (erectile dysfunction). I talk about this in my book Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: a Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook & Journal (by Cassendre Xavier/ARtivist Publications 2009) You can hear and watch me discussing this on YouTube at Why Are Raw Vegan Men So Sexy? The rest of my videos are at CXTV It is sad and extremely ironic to me how millions of men buy into the “manly, meat” myth, stuff their innards on a daily basis with high fat animal protein and then are surprised when, 20 or 30 years later, they are not able to “get it up” as well, or at all. Eating too many animals clogs your arteries, and your arteries aren’t just in your heart, they’re also in your cock. It’s true. Put aside or cut in half that steak and slide a bowl of salad in your direction. Your body and your partner(s) will thank you. You’ll probably hear from me about this issue again soon because it’s an issue close to my heart. I want to be surrounded by men whose penises act the way the good lord intended them to act. It is one of my missions in life. And if I have to push salads for the rest of my life, or delicious green smoothies, then by Goddess, move out of my way! 5) WHAT I BELIEVE I believe we were meant to be happy, and that our gonads (sexual organs) are here as our primary physical channel to that joy. I believe our gonads are our second hearts, and that once we start to treat them as such, we will experience immense healing in every aspect of our lives. I believe that our hearts are the only places we can find the truth. I believe the greatest gifts we can give ourselves are self-love and the complete release of guilt and shame. I believe we can use sex and sexuality to accomplish our goals and dreams. For me, the direct portal is through a blend of sexuality and spirituality. For others it may be sexuality and artmaking. What will it be, or what has it been, for you? I believe writing this museletter has brought me one step away from fear and closer to love. Thank you for listening. Enjoy yourself and others. With Pleasure, Amrita Waterfalls, the sexy side of Cassendre Xavier To subscribe to the “Amrita Waterfalls - With Pleasure” museletter, visit Visit Cassendre’s main website at If you enjoyed this museletter, you may enjoy more new writing by Cassendre (aka Amrita): FREE! New article on Wisdom Magazine’s online edition: Reframing Rejection FREE! Archived Wisdom Magazine articles by Cassendre: FREE! renaissance negresse museletter/catalog September 02, 2012 or ========================== Amrita Waterfalls - With Pleasure @2012 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: I am an artist, not a licensed medical professional. Everything written above was done so for informational purposes only, not to lead you to go against the advice of someone the government wants you to listen to so that someday you can help fund their industries of sickness. Of course, if you sense these words as truth (you checked in with both your hearts!) that will lead to your better health, and you happen to eat kale salad twice a day and start noticing you have a sharper mind, increased energy, a more joyous heart, and rock hard erections, well, baby, you can thank me later ;-)

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