Monday, March 2, 2015

10 Things You Didn't Know About My Sex Life


Dear Sexy People,

Here are a few factoids about Amrita Waterfalls, the sexy side of Cassendre Xavier, that has until now not been made public. These will, of course, be written about further, in bound and unbound items formerly known as "books":

1) I don't use the words "sex" and "intimacy" the way most people do. I use "sex" to mean any kind of erotic or genital contact or sexplay, "intimacy" to mean emotional intimacy, and "PVI" to refer to penile-vaginal intercourse. I don't even use just the word "intercourse" since it could mean digital-anal, digital-vaginal, or penila-anal intercourse. 

2) I didn't have PVI until I was 33, and then it was 10 years before I did it again.

3) Singing is often a sexual experience for me. Sometimes singing is so much like lovemaking to me I feel very shy doing certain songs in front of certain people.

4) No matter how much I like my partner, I prefer to sleep alone. That doesn't mean I don't like to fall asleep with them and cuddle early in the morning, but in general when it comes to real sleep, I like my bed real empty.

5) I feel I have a mission to do certain things sexually and that doing these things add more love, light, peace, serenity, and wholeness to the world. Not to mention pleasure. One example is sending nurturing energy through my breasts when I'm with a partner. 

7) I strongly believe testicles are among the most neglected things in the world and I'm on a mission to rectify the sitcheeation. No man I've ever been serious with has been neglected in this area. In fact, if you have yourself a set of balls, imagine I'm sending a warm pink glow of love to them right now. And give them a nice squeeze for yourself.

8) I am ambiguous about my sexual orientation. Technically I am what is called "bi-straight", meaning I mostly am involved romantically and sexually with men, but that I am also sexually attracted to wimmin. Strongly believing in the importance of queer/gay/lesbian visibility, especially in communities of color (as I like to say "Wanda Sykes is not enough!"), I come out as Lesbian wherever possible. I have been a longtime subscriber and contributor to Lesbian Connection, even though I also sleep with men. Many of the wimmin who are eulogized there after their passing have loved and had children with men. It doesn't matter who you go to bed with - it does matter that you come out, if you can, to ease the burden on those who aren't yet comfortable with their sexuality, and also help make major changes in worldwide government legislation for civil rights for all. 

9) I sent my first love letter when I was 4 years old. (I learned to read and write at age 3.)

10) I love having my period. I'm just crazy bananas about the whole deal. I even wrote a song about it, with a little help from Willie Nelson:

So. There ya have it.

Have fun, have orgasms. They're good for you. ;-)

With pleasure,

~Amrita Waterfalls
The Sexy Side of Cassendre Xavier

(c) Copyright 2015 by Cassendre Xavier (writing as Amrita Waterfalls). All rights reserved. 

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