Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why I Practice (and now teach, whoo-hoo!) Yoga

Let me start by saying I started practicing and studying yoga in the early 2000s, and tomorrow is the first day of my teaching a yoga class.
I feel I am on a path of growth as a Dominant Woman, hopefully at some point also as a sub (I'm a switch!), and also as a yoga practitioner. Having recently met a submissive man who is inspiring my Dominance to come out and play in a major way, I am now yearning to sub again as I did many years ago, but rarely finding the Dominant Man to truly inspire this brat to Obey and Serve. And teaching always improves one's practice or mastery of a craft, so my yoga is growing as well. I think there's a connection between all three of these things, so being here with all you kinksters who also practice yoga seems perfect!
I practice yoga because it helps me connect to my body and experience the sacred through the physical.
I was reared fundamentalist christian and then betrayed at a very early age by a close family member with sexual and physical abuse, so these two things put me at odds with my body.
I am now drawn to spiritual practices that honor the body as sacred, and yoga (along with tantra and tao), help me a lot with that.
I am so grateful for what I've learned in BDSM, the community and warmth I've found here among people who are true to themselves and passionate about their authenticity.
Yoga helps me get in my body so I can get more out of life. That's why I practice yoga. :)

When One of My Sides Plays, The Others Want to Play Too

It seems my sexuality is either totally dormant, or, once, sparked and regularly active, wanting to be totally expressive.
 Case in point, I'm bisexual (80% interested in relationships with men, and 20% interested in sexual encounters with women), and I'm a Top/bottom, Dom/sub switch. I'm almost completely split down the middle insofar as D/s switch goes.
 Recently I've begun exploring my Dominant side for the very first time (I trained as a sub and dated Dominant Men most of my 20s), and My obedient pet and I are finding that I'm taking to the Dominant role as a fish to some very lucky water! :)
 Anyway, shortly after we started playing (Me Dom, him sub), I started really strongly wanting to Serve a Dominant Man.
 The feeling is so strong.
 And I recall that when I was with my favorite Dominant Man, soon into our relationship I started craving sex with a woman. I asked his permission, he granted it, and I had a transcendental encounter with a woman I'd had a longtime mutual crush on who was finally single, and who, as it turned, out, had been best friends with the Dominant Man when they were teens! So in this way I feel I had the Dominant Man's blessing twice over!
 When I'm in a loving, sexual relationship with a man, after a couple of months I need to be with a woman - just once physically, or in a romantic relationship with one, if there's no sex. Just to have both a female and a male presence in my romantic life.
 And as a Dom I seem to really need some sub activity in my life, too - meaning, to express it. 
 I wonder how many switches go through this. I'm sure it's pretty common :)
 Hope you're having a good day today, and thanks for reading.