Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bathe Me

[This is a detailed idea (not a fantasy) I dreamed up that is totally something My slave and I may do sometime in the near future. I ordered it to proofread my original draft, as I do not usually spend the time to capitalize "Me", "My" and all that. That is an annoying and time-consuming task I prefer slave to do, and slave thoroughly enjoys what it sais is the "attention" I "lavish" upon it with my literary and other tasks. We are collaborating on some other writings, coming up soon, so stayeth thyselves tuned!]


BATHE ME.... by Amrita Waterfalls (with Her slave and obedient pet)

I want a bath. So slave will give one to Mistress Goddess of Delightful Smells, Tastes, and Wonders. 
you will bathe Me and drink My soiled bathwater.

you will bathe Me as the Romans bathed, rubbing olive oil on the skin and then using a scraper to scrape off the oil, dead skin and impurities. I like this idea also because having a some fat in your tummy may make you a little queasy or heavier feeling, which may please Me by adding some discomfort to your experience, and one that may last an hour or two.

you will prepare for Me beforehand by having the following ready next to the tub:

A 32 oz. plastic container
A small plastic bottle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) 
A skin scraper 
A washcloth

you will also beforehand have run the water a bit to get it warm.

you are going to be on your knees for a very long time. It is up to you to do whatever is necessary to make that bearable, as I will not tolerate complaints about the tile cutting into your knees or anything else! If you do not know how to buffer yourself – that is your problem!

Once you inform Me the bath is ready, you will await My entrance. Since I am already nude as I have just been sleeping, you will not be assigned to undress Me. you will be on your knees and hold My hand in a steady lead as I step into the tub. 

The tub will be empty of water, and sealed to hold all of My bath run-off, which is an elixir you are of course not worthy of even being close to, let alone touch with your hands. What a lucky slave you are!

you will turn the water on only as needed. Keep it off during scraping and wiping – you like that word don't you – wiping. As in wiping My dirty asshole? Like that don't you, you filthy, lowly submissive! I bet you want to lick the washcloth, too, don't you? You are so predictable! you would love to wipe My dirty "brown-crusted" asshole and see that brown crust of shit on a pristine over-bleached blinding white hotel washcloth. But no! you have spent the night lying at My feet on my floor, on your lowly slave/dog bed, you would of course have not only licked My asshole totally clean, even further cleaning it of your lowly slave saliva with a warm soapy wet washcloth, My asshole has no brown crust at all. 

Don't worry, USELESS, there will be crust. I haven't taken My first shit of the day yet, so you have at least that to look forward to. If you're lucky.

I like calling you USELESS. It jumps out at Me, and pleases My eyes with its bold declaration of truth. My favorite thing is knowing and reminding you that you will never, ever, ever fully please Me with complete usefulness. you will have to keep trying all the time to do what I say and you will only ever marginally succeed. you will be only mediocre. Even in your most stellar service, there will be levels you will have to reach up higher to please Me. I am worth only the very best and we both know you are not that and will never fully satisfy me. I merely keep you around because like a kitten, I like to play with My toys. They do not fulfill Me on a soul, intellectual, and certainly not even physical level. But they are there and they have a minor and occasionally pleasing purpose to My life. you will forever have tasks to prove yourself to Me that you are worthy of My time. It is only for minor fun that I use you, slave. Get ready to work hard for very little reward, USELESS!

Once I am seated in the tub, you will turn on the faucet, fill the 32 oz container and use it to bathe Me. you will lovingly rinse My face with your bare hand, enjoying for the first time the feel of My beautiful features, against your palm, like a blind persun. you will rinse My ears, and put water on My neck, which you will then apply a moderately thin layer of oil to. Then you will gently scrape My neck. 

you will lightly push My head in the direction required in order to gain necessary access. 
you will do this for My entire body, using your hands to rinse sensitive areas that the scraper can not easily nor gently enough access. you are the luckiest slave on earth to be able to palm My pussy and asshole as you rinse them, as you did My face. Fingertips have never been so blessed, right, slave? What do you say? 

Once you have finished indulgifyin' yourself with rinsing My feet, you will hold My hand in a steady lead again to assist Me out of the tub as you had going in. 

When you do, you will marvel at the graywater, with its tiny pools of oil on top. After I've re-fragranced Myself (you have already patted Me dry), I lie down while you go into the bathroom, still on your knees, and scoop up with the container, the gray water, drinking it down as you go. you marvel at the subtle tastes of My body's soil in the water, and the taste and scent of the EVOO, which reminds you of eating food, and which for that reason makes you slightly queasy. 
I watch part of it, and then retreat to My lounging and instruct you to report when all the tub's liquid had been consumed. 
When you do, I go in and see the tub empty. I lightly slap your face with a "good boy" and tell you to clean the tub. I am allowing you to savor all of the sensations of now being full of belly with My EVOO soiled bathwater. The burps, the flavors, the sense of being full and having some fat in there. The feel of the oil on your tongue. You are savoring these and cleaning at the same time. When you've completed your task of cleaning the bathtub, then I order you to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash (your savoring time only lasted for as long as it takes you to clean My tub) and get one of My cuddling men for Me. you go to the room where I keep them, and you select the number I have told you to fetch.

you bring him to Me – he is big, strong, and not on a leash. He gets into My bed and you do as you're told to do (which is put the TV on The Laws & The Orders). Cuddler number whatever gets into bed with and holds Me as I watch one of My favorite shows, back to back, for about 2 hours. I want My pussy to get nice and wet from the cuddling. Once I'm horny enough, and also My pussy has returned to a more familiar fragrance. I order you to come pleasure Me with your now cleaner and non-menthol-alcohol-pussy-stinging mouth. 
I allow cuddling man to stay and watch as you bring Me to not one but two orgasms, with My pissing on or in you between our 2 hour cunnilingus and rimming session.
When I have tired of using your mouth, I send you to your bed where you sit or lie and adoringly watch Me recover from my powerful orgasms, send cuddling man away, and then shower to wash your germy spit out of My pussy.

I then get back into bed for more Law and Order (channel surfing to other shows I like), eat, shit, and piss for the rest of the day, using you as I will.
That is all.

(c) Copyright 2016 by Amrita Waterfalls. All rights reserved, and more information available at (Permission is granted to reprint all or part of this writing, provided the proper credit and website link are included. Thank you for sharing ethically!)

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  1. slave says: says: "Thank You Mistress for all of Your care and attention, I know You are busy and slave is not deserving of Your time, so it is really an awesome gift that You are lavishing all this time before the date with these assignments and chores.

    Thank You also for those new pictures and the chance to see Your amazing body again.

    Mistress Goddess is wonderful, generous, powerful and mesmerizing beyond words."