Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Put that F*cking Thing Away!

​I swear to God if I see one more goddamn dick pic. :)
Are men really that un-creative and that un-savvy that they (you) can think of no other way to showcase something sexy about your body?
This is why I really adore men's profile pics and galleries that are of something other than that usually insignificant piece of flesh hanging down below.
 The only time I'm interested in seeing that is:

a) When I have a very strong connection with a man, and
b) When, ironically, his pics usually are absent of phallus

Then, and only then, do I want to engage with it, including with mine own two eyeball sockets.

Gentlemen, be sexier than that. Put it away and show your sexiness other ways!

Endowed Goddess (Amrita Waterfalls)

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