Friday, November 18, 2016

​"You're Not Really Very Dominant" (My 1st Crossdresser)

 "You're not really very dominant," said a white male crossdresser I hooked up with several months ago. He was the first of only two I've ever been in bed with, the first time didn't go anywhere, and our clothes never came off, except he got down to his sexy red satin spandex thongs and kept bra on.
 I'd always been very sexually attracted to crossdressers, but I learned later I was attracted to the heterosexual ones who still identified very much as male.
 There's something highly erotic to me about about a man with typically masculine physical features, such as hairy chest and relentless 5 o'clock shadow, who keeps these visible while wearing feminine clothes...

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With Pleasure,

Amrita Waterfalls
​ (aka Endowed Goddess, aka Cassendre Xavier)​

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