Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Fantasy

For Lee

I had a fantasy about you today
This morning I masturbated twice
The second time I was strainin'
to cum, it just didn't happen
After fantasizing and remembering
past lovers that were particularly
able at producing
effects I enjoy having produced
in me
I thought of you

you were my warmest partner
of recent times
the most like
a boyfriend

So I imagined just that
That you were my boyfriend
Or rather, that I ordered you
to pretend that you were

I imagined that at our next meeting
The next time we get together
in a hotel room for pleasure and wet,
wet times
I imagine that I say this:

Pretend we are girlfriend and boyfriend
We have had a few dates
But we are both virgins
and don't want to go too far
We are really into each other
We have great chemistry
But there is care there
Great care
and sweetness

As I rubbed my wet pussy
wet from lube and pussy juice
and the spit from my furiously moving
I imagined us going
from heavy petting and clothed
to less and less clothing
Like teenagers
until we are kissing
(which I so rarely do with casual
sex partners)
and until we are necking

I am getting really hot now
as I rub myself this morning
Think about... your mouth is gently moving
down and further down
you are at my breasts
you are touching them now
and I imagine you are going slowly
and more slowly down
to my belly
and it doesn't feel like teasing
but warming the way
a building up
that I am LOVING!

Then you are finally
where I want you to be
At my crowning place
you begin to sing into there
with your pleasure and intention
to bring me the most joy there
in my happiest sexual space

The care comes again
the mutual affection
and all your respect for me

I instruct you to look up
and as I touch myself this morning
imagining your eyes looking over my large
brown belly
and beautiful breasts
dark, dark nipples

you make it to my eyes
just as I climax

© Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier (Endowed Goddess aka Amrita Waterfalls). All rights reserved.

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