Sunday, August 6, 2017


Last night on the couch

My nesting companion and I

were discussing a topic he loves

raunchy sex

and phrases I'd never heard of

Such as Dirty Sanchez

Roman Soldier's Helmet

and Blumpkin

At some point for some reason

Chickens came up

"They have only one place where they

piss, shit, and fuck" he said

"Yeah, I know" was my response

"The cloaca"

"Yeah!" he replied, somehwhat surprised

"How'd you know that?"

"Oh I dunno," I said

"I learned it in school

when I was a kid"

"But" I continued

"You know way more facts than I do"

And then I said,

"Maybe I know it because...

I'm into ass"

"Hm," he mused.

He mused because he knows.

I think

I have always been kinky

Had fantasies of being dragged out

of a cave

by my hair

by some strong man

When I was a little kid

Before age 8 even

Thought about

getting pissed on

When I was an adolescent

Kinky from the start

First time I got handcuffs

The keys turned me on so much

Just to look at them

They had a very special meaning to me

Even if I never used them

Cloaca has a nice sound to it

It seems like it does something


It is even somehow

and strangely


But it's only a hole

A skin tube made

for the passing of shit

and piss

and for fucking

For procreation god made this

And it was


by Cassendre Xavier (also writing as Endowed Goddess and Amrita Waterfalls). Please share ethically!

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