Friday, August 11, 2017

Confession: Female Crotch Sniffing Curiosity

I'm a very kinky bunny and I'm here to write, so if not here, where? I feel a little self-conscious sharing this, but I am also glad to finally get it out!
So, yesterday I was walking around on my errands, taking public transportation, etc., and I all of a sudden noticed that I had looked at maybe the third female crotch and wondered what it might smell like. That's perhaps not so unusual except I suddenly not only remembered that I have always been like this, even as a wee lass of perhaps 12 or 13 I occasionally would wonder what a woman's crotch smelled like, and did it smell like mine. 
 Years later, in my early 20s I would discover for the first time, or at least come close to it / I was clothes shopping in a mall with my best female friend (platonic), a pretty, heavyset black girl in her early 20s like me, and we were in one stall together/ She had just removed her pants to try on another pair, and I detected a change in temperature of the room - it was slightly warmer/ And I noted a slightly musky, not unpleasant but not sweet fragrance/ 
 There is something about the intimacy, I think, that I find attractive in the act of smelling a(nother) woman's crotch, and might I add I have never done this directly, intentionally, nor do I seek to/ I merely have a curiosity, and I believe it's a healthy, totally understandable one - to be curious to know if someone else's body smells like yours/ Especially in this homophobic, puritanical society (USA)/ We are not accustomed to having others of our gender around us enough to know about their, and in turn, our bodies/ I feel even worse for guys/ They grew up with even less access to one another as boys developing into men/
 Being bisexual and very oral, I have enjoyed eating pussy and the soft feminine scents involved in that/ But it has been many years since I have gone down on a womon, and again, I am not seeking to, but who knows what may someday develop in my persunal life/
 I just know that a lot of times when I see a woman's crotch, I want to know what it smells like/
 In preparing to write this, I asked myself what it is - and I realized it's only when I find them attractive (if they are my type/s) and if they are wearing pants or slacks, never skirts. I think it's something to do with the tightness of the garment, and the crease where it separates the legs. It draws attention to the vagina, so of course the eye is drawn to that area! I'm pretty sure it isn't just me and perhaps this is why very strict or religious people consider women wearing slacks to be inappropriate, not just for the statement of male-associated power. Anyway, that's all. If anyone can relate or want to chime in, have at it, and thanks for reading!

Make yourself a beautiful day!

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