Sunday, August 13, 2017

I am here for Love

I joined FetLife to give more love to the world

and to let my love be visible to those

who would enjoy, honor, and cherish it

Whether as fans of my music, or my writing

Or my big fat beautiful

black glossy tasty CLIT!

That is my greatest sexual endowment

hence my name

I am here for love

To celebrate my love of writing

To enjoy community

To build and build and build

However I can

To meet folks for pleasure

to connect

to heal myself and to support

others on their own path of healing

and self-empowerment


and magick

I am here for love

Love of sex, love of pleasure

Casual sex

is not casual

for me

I have met several

significant partners

Lifelong connections

By meeting for the sole purpose

Of giving me orgasms

The ways and only the ways I wish

Our common goal brought us together

And mutual interests and natural compatibility

Kept us there

I am not here for sex

I can get that anywhere

Just walking down the street

It is offered to most wimmin

And especially those with a vibe

Like mine

A vibe of enjoyment

of life and of living

People feel that shit

and they wanna get close to it

If I wanted sex I would go elsewhere

and that's what I did in the past

That's how I found my significant partners then

Now I find them here

Because I am here for love

I am here for love

I attract it

That means I also must spend time repelling

That which is not love

But attraction of others to the light

which my love and interst in expressing joy


If you like my pics and stuff

I am flattered

But make no mistake, that is not enough

That isn't why I am here

I'm not here to hook up with

people who are not my match

I'm not here just to do sexual THINGS

I am not here for the physical

application of kink alone

I am here to connect with like-minded partners

friends, playmates, submissives

To access and express my natural dominance

To be more of myself

I am here to connect with myself

To express my love of writing

and to work on my goals with the support

of other kinksters

while supporting them in theirs

And when this happens

in addition to natural sexual attraction

that is mutual

THEN the fireworks happen

And not a moment before

Because I

I am here for love.

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